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What is Cryotherapy?

At Cryostretch, we use cutting-edge Impact Cryosaunas made in the USA. Using cold temperatures to promote natural wellness, Impact Cryosaunas provide whole body cryotherapy as a fast and effective alternative to traditional ice baths. The cryosaunas fill with nitrogen vapor and a dry chill that drops the ambient temperature to a range of -90 Celsius (-130ºF) to -120 Celsius (-184ºF).

man doing whole body cryotherapy

Cryotherapy in Knoxville

We offer full-body and localized cryotherapy which can decrease pain and inflammation to optimize your performance.


Assisted Stretching in Knoxville

Our professional stretching techniques helps you improve your mobility so you can work out harder.


Assisted Stretching with a Customer
Assisted Stretching with a Customer

Assisted Stretching in Knoxville

Our professional stretching techniques helps you improve your mobility so you can work out harder.


Customer enjoying the infrared sauna at CryoStretch in Knoxville TN

Infrared Sauna in Knoxville

The infrared sauna gives your body a rest while improving immunity and muscle recovery.


NormaTec in Knoxville

NormaTec recovery equipment helps you bounce back from your workout faster.


Customer using NormaTec at CryoStretch in Knoxville
Customer using NormaTec at CryoStretch in Knoxville

NormaTec in Knoxville

NormaTec recovery equipment helps you bounce back from your workout faster.


patient receiving cryoskin treatment at CryoStretch in Knoxville

CryoSkin in Knoxville

CryoSkin body sculpting reduces cellulite, melts fat and tightens & tones skin.



Hear What Our Clients Say

It’s all about you!! Your needs, Your goals and Your objectives take center stage!! I like that they pay attention to the details of improving my areas of concern. It’s the small things that count. I’ve had under eight sessions and I can definitely without hesitation relay to thinkers jump in I feel so much better in the areas that I had concerns. I want to get back on my bike and ride and I can tell in under 10 sessions my objective will be accomplished soon!!

– Art Gatson

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I was a little skeptical to try it at first having chronic back pain but they walked me through everything and made it a very worthwhile experience! I will definitely be back.

– Bailee Plemmons

Nice facility. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the health benefits of the types of therapy offered. Reasonable pricing on therapy packages or one time sessions. CryoStretch, Knoxville is worth checking out. I’m glad that I did. I’m here to stay. I feel wonderful after every visit.

– Danny White

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We are thankful for our Infrared Sauna that offers 25 minutes of total relaxation. Stress impacts both the mind and body. Say thank you to your body today by saying yes to sauna time. ...

It is not joy that makes us GRATEFUL, it is gratitude that makes us JOYFUL.
Have a joyful time with family and friends!
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 from the CryoStretch Team!

We are thankful for NormaTec recovery boots. Grab a friend, catch up and spend some quality time while saying thank you to your body as it recovers with NormaTec. Tell us what you are thankful for down. ...

We love our clients! We give them 5 ⭐️!!! Thank you for helping our small business by leaving a review! 🤍
We love to serve our clients @cryostretch!

Holiday Hours!! 🦃 ...

We are so thankful for our clients. Our clients love our services and we love serving them. Each week we have new clients that try out one of our recovery services and enjoy how it makes them feel better. Whether it’s an athlete trying to recover from a week of practice for the big game or someone that sits in the office each day. We have a service that will work for you. ...

We want to thank you for supporting us! We wanted to give you a heads up for what is to come on November 26th. That day will be filled with many amazing deals!! ...

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Cryoskin ➕ Balanced Diet ➕ Exercise 🟰 ✨Wow Results✨ @cryoskinknoxville

Deals are available all month so stop in or call to check them out!

We are thankful for stretching! Decreases muscle stiffness & increases Active Range of Motion. Improves posture. Improves mechanical efficiency & overall functional performance for ADL. Prepares the body for the stress of exercise. Helps relieve post-exercise aches & pain. May reduce your risk of injury. ...

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We are thankful for Cryoskin. It helps us deal with those stubborn areas on our bodies that just don’t respond to exercise. This fat-freezing device promises slimming, cellulite reduction, and toning. What better way to say thank you than to a slimmer waistline. Tell us what you are thankful for down below. ...

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Have a nagging pain or need a slight tune up? Localized cryotherapy treatments help: ⠀💨quickly flush fluid and waste from tissue⠀💨 reduce inflammation⠀💨 promote mobility ...

We have a lot of amazing specials in the month of November. You don’t want to miss out! Call us if you have any questions. ...

In the month of November we are going to be sharing what we are thankful for.

❄️ We are thankful for whole body cryotherapy for the results it brings. Energy boosts, endorphin release, reduction in chronic pain and better sleep is on the way when you choose to cryo. What are you thankful for that helps you take care of your body? Tell us down below.

#cryostretch #cryotherapy #recovery

Happy Halloween 🕷 Come wearing your costume and receive a FREE NORMATEC! We can’t wait to see you!! Don't forget the SLIMTACULUR SPECIAL ends today! Call to learn more. ...

Come wearing your costume tomorrow and receive a FREE NORMATEC! 🕸️👻🎃 ...

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